Research Sabbatical for Alumni

The Byzantine Catholic Seminary’s research sabbatical for alumni is structured to offer convenience and support. The convenience of living at the Seminary in a community of formation with a complete schedule of liturgical services, food service, and housing in a private room/bath of the Seminary annex provides adequate comfort for necessary academic work. The support of the Seminary faculty along with its library and media services allow for significant research to be accomplished on campus. The nearness of other seminaries and renowned theological libraries provides additional resources. Such will be of benefit to a student working to complete a doctoral dissertation or thesis. Please be advised that the application process to be in residence at the Seminary should not begin until the dissertation or thesis topic has been approved by the institution granting the degree. (n.b. the Byzantine Catholic Seminary is not accredited to grant doctoral degrees). A student may apply to be on research sabbatical at the Seminary for the fall or spring semester or for one entire academic year.

The following are due by May 1st for admittance in the following fall semester, December 1st for the following Spring Semester:

  • Application form, printed from this link;
  • Letter of good standing from the priest’s bishop or superior and the following safe environment documentation:  Criminal background clearance; Child abuse history certification; Signed Archeparchial Code of Conduct; and attestation to the completion of safe environment training.  All of these documents must be no more than five years old at the time of the priest’s completion of his program at the Seminary.
  • Resume
  • Recent photograph.

Costs and Fees:

  • Housing $3,600 per semester
  • Food $2,000 per semester
  • Courses (optional) 10% of tuition or audited at no cost
  • An additional fee is required of priests who elect to attend the 4-day Byzantine Catholic Clergy Retreat during the fall semester.

When the Seminary provides the director and second reader from its faculty, the charge is based on 2.7 credits of directed independent study (see academic catalog).

Priests on sabbatical are billed following the beginning of each semester.

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