Abouna Justin Rose, PhD
Adjunct Professor of Patristics

PhD, Religious Studies, University of California-Riverside (2017)

D.Min., Fuller Theological Seminary (2011)

M.Div., Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology (1995)

M.A., Classics, Tufts University (1992)

B.A., St. Anselm College (1989)

Adjunct, Byzantine Online, (2014-present)

Teaching Assistant, University of California-Riverside (2011-2017)

Rector, St. George Melkite Greek-Catholic Church, Birmingham, Alabama (2017-present)

Rector, St. Philip Melkite Greek-Catholic Church, San Bernardino, California (1998-2017)

Director of Campus Ministry/Foreign Languages Department Faculty and Department Chair, Aquinas High School, San Bernardino, California (1998-2012)

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